Eden Park

Redevelopment of Eden Park to provide facilities for 60,000 people for the Rugby World Cup in 2011.
Product Information
Custom Design 80% Wool / 20% Nylon Axminster Carpet and symbolic of lava-flow to represent the volcano-populated Auckland region. This Axminster Carpet was also designed to have a carved finishing effect in specific areas of the design, eg around the red. This carved carpet detail gives a stunning visual accent and adds considerable textural interest to the Axminster carpet.
Key Product Benefits for this project
  • Complete design versatility - Irvine Flooring's in-house Carpet Designer was able to interpret the brief to achieve a spectacular visual effect which corresponds with the Interior Designers' overall vision for the interior decor and desired ambiance.
  • Width flexibility - Irvine Flooring Axminster Carpet was able to be produced in various widths to maximise efficiencies for all the large wide-open reception spaces and also the narrower corridor areas etc.
  • Premium Wools of New Zealand certified brand partner.
  • Hard-wearing & durable Axminster carpet - Extra Heavy Duty Commercial grading
  • Easy carpet care & maintenance regime