Tom Dixon


London is the departure point for the collection and for Tom Dixon a world of inspiration. Perhaps not the prettiest, nor the most glamorous, but certainly one of the most characterful cities in the world.
The collection interprets the gritty backdrops of railways, tunnels, workshops and warehouses. Materials so prevalent that they make a huge impact. Surfaces - cracked paving stones and brick blocks make up the crumbling industrial landscape while the massive tidal River Thames splits the city in two, and new reflective glass towers begin to dominate the skyline.
Industrial Landscape features seven designs available as carpet tiles and broadloom creating different expressions within each design theme. Tiles and broadloom can be mixed or combined with other ege collections to get a truly unique flooring solution for one room or projects with several spaces.
• 7 designs
• Recolour options
• Tiles and broadloom
• Minimum order from 40 m2 for tiles
• No minimum order requirements for broadloom
• Undisputed performance standard EN 1307
• Performance classification to fit any need; extra heavy use
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