Inspire Foundation

Recognising & Rewarding Extraordinary Young Cantabrians

What if we could recognise extraordinary young Cantabrians who have the potential and desire to achieve excellence in their chosen field, and reward them in such a way as to help them realise it.

That would be an inspired choice.

The Inspire Foundation has been set up as a charitable trust to recognise and reward extraordinary, talented young Cantabrians.

Assistance comes in the form of grants to fund the widest possible array of requests - such as travel, courses, tuition, equipment, projects or initiatives.

Don and Lyndal Irvine of Irvine Flooring are proud to be founding members of the Inspire Foundation and continue to support our talented youth to excel today and become future leaders in the Canterbury region.

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Flooring Uplifts

When existing carpet or carpet tiles are being replaced with flooring from Irvine Flooring, we offer an "Uplift" service. This involves managing the process of uplifting the existing carpet or carpet tiles that still have some life left in them and finding an alternative installation environment in which they can be re-used.

The product which is being replaced is offered free to community groups and the role Irvine Flooring plays is in co-ordinating the uplift and finding an appropriate benefactor.

We believe it is in the practice of 'acting locally' that we can make our country and the world a better and more sustainable place.

Call 0800 377 753 for more information.