Laying a solid foundation for future generations is one of the key elements to the future for us all.

At Irvine Flooring, we focus on what we as designers, importers, wholesalers and distributors of carpet and hard flooring can do to increase the efficiency of our operations and the performance of the flooring products we represent, while decreasing the impact on our surroundings and our use of resources.

We are committed to working in partnership with our suppliers to provide customers, architects, designers, specifiers, resellers and installers with environmentally-sound flooring solutions in New Zealand.

How we support sustainability:

  • We align ourselves with manufacturers who are committed to environmentally sustainable products and we make a conscious effort to support flooring companies that have their own comprehensive and effective environmental policies.
  • We source products from suppliers who reach the ISO 14001 standard of environmental management.
  • We supply products that have national or internationally recognised environmental labels including:


  • We offer an "Uplift" service where existing carpet or carpet tiles that are to be replaced with Irvine flooring are uplifted and the existing carpet or carpet tiles are re-used in an alternative installation environment. This product is being offered free to community groups.
  • We conserve energy and materials, recycle and reduce waste generated by all our operations.

Helping to create a better New Zealand from the floor up!